Saturday, January 21, 2006

Online Community

I’m hoping this website will be the start of something much bigger. As it is right now, it is mostly just a go-to resource point. You come, read some stuff, and then go about your merry way. Why not use it for other purposes?! On the right you’ll find links to member’s websites or photo pages, as well as a section of links to pictures and things that inspire us. It would be greatness to use this as a discussion forum where we can exchange ideas, offer critiques, and “get together” despite our location –maybe the Google Group is a better forum for that, but I guess time will tell. If you’ve got an idea, post a comment here and let’s talk it up. I’m no linguist, but “community” and “communication” have to come from the same root word. Let’s share ideas and make it happen!


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