Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who What When Where and Why?

Who we are: We’re a group of photographers in the D.C. metro area. …well, I hope it will become a group, but right now it’s just one dude writing this at some ridiculous hour of the morning (I’m going to take the liberty of writing the rest of this as if we were already a well-established team doing fun and exciting things.) Anyway, we are a group of people from National Community Church united by a common interest in photography. Our intent is to build a community where we can learn, teach, share, and enjoy the art of photography with others.

What on earth we’re doing: We’re just takin’ pictures. …I take that back --but I’m not going to hit the backspace button-- we’re actually doing all sorts of things. For those who are interested in photography but less than confident in their skills we offer an environment where you can learn, practice, and develop your skills (num-chuck skills, bow staff skills, tetherball skills…) Using Stephen Elliot’s book (pending completion) as our curriculum, we’ll teach you what you need to know to start taking some great pictures, but as a group, you will have the opportunity to work with others and learn from them firsthand. Additionally, we get together and talk about helpful techniques, creative ideas, things that inspire us, and our favorite toothpaste. We’re doing life together and using a camera to capture those moments along the way. Art shows, coffee, ice-skating and corn mazes; we do it all! …Of course, we frequently hit up the town and have a great time taking pictures together too. Obviously photography is our focus, but that’s only one aspect of the larger topic of Visual Arts.

When and Where: For the record, Saturdays are the appointed meeting days, but there is no hard and fast schedule. Some times we may take sunrise pictures, other times we’ll do night photography, and sometimes we’ll get together for lunch and popsicles. We’re open to ideas, and I hope everybody feels like they can suggest an idea or activity. For that reason we have our own Google Group Message Board. If you’ve got an idea, I encourage you to post it on the board and see what others think. Maybe you’re all tied up on Saturday, but would love to get together on Wednesday; feel free to make suggestions and see what comes up! For what it’s worth, most of us are near Capitol Hill or NoVA, so the activities will generally take place around there.

Why?: You tell me! Why did you come to this website? Why are you still reading? What is it you’re looking for?? That, my friends, that is your “why.” People, like myself, are looking for an outlet. In recent months I’ve met enough people that are interested in learning to take better pictures, or simply looking for someone to go take pictures with. I decided to get us organized and see what we can do together. So come, learn, share, enjoy. Give us a reason for a “why,” and maybe along the way we’ll discover it together…


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