Thursday, June 15, 2006


All right everybody, as we talked about last week we will be sharing photos via Flickr from now on. Our resident Flickr expert, Marie Claire, already posted some instructions (below) for those of us new to this new-fangled photo contraption.

step one
1.create an account at
*use your *yahoo account* name or create a new one (you don't need yahoo, it
is just easier if you have it)
2step up load pictures
*remember what stephen said about uploading- if you have a big picture file
you end up using all of your free space given (Stephen encourages you to use Picasa for handling your photos. Email him if you have questions)
3when you are done uploading them you can create a *title and tags*
*tags are fun because this is one of many ways to link/ organize your photos
*I tag my pictures that I take with just shoot me "justshootme"
&"nccphotogroup" or "nccphotography"
*you do not have to tag your pictures but it is a great way for people to
find them in by describing aspects in the photos
4 next find the group "*just shoot me*" and become a member
5 then you can go back to a picture you took with the group and upload it to
the group page by clicking on the button "*send to group"
*6 you can add people in the group to be your *contacts* which means you
have an automatic link to their profile, favorites, and most important
7 when you want to organize your pictures and create a folder simply click
on *organize*- then *create new folder*- and *drag* the pictures into your
new folder- press save
*you can have one picture in a number of folders

now you have the basics
you can join other groups to put your pictures in many more places in the
flickr community or you can keep your photos private so only your friends
see you. make comments find favorites and most importantly have fun

I hope this email is clear- I wrote it after waking up- before going to
Marie Claire Andrea

A few things to note:
As MC already touched on, we'll develop a standard after each shoot for tagging our photos. This will greatly help organizing and viewing the pictures in a practical way. Since you can't create albums within a group, let's send only your favorite photos to the group, while keeping all of your photos in your own albums. For now, I don't see any reason to limit how many "favorites" you can share. If you only have one or two pictures you really like from a shoot, then only share those on the group. If you came away with 30 amazing photos, by all means, share them all! There are settings to control this, but for now we'll leave it open to your discrection.

Discussion forums! Under the group page, you will find the heading "Discuss." Much like our Google Group message board, this is where we can exchange thoughts about various photos or photo shoots. Talk it up, let's learn from and help each other --that's what this is all about!

Some of you have already been on the comment scene. I feel like Charlie Brown, "I love hearing some chatter in the outfield!" It's fantastic to see you guys commenting on what you do and don't like about each other's photographs. A simple suggestion from a friend can often be so much more valuable than listening to me drone on about ISO settings. Keep the comments a comin'!


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