Thursday, June 15, 2006

Philberta Leung

Name: Philberta Leung
Birthday: October 19
Random Fact: I got deported from Spain once.

Portfolio: (include links here)
What inspires me: (links to photos, books, articles, whatever gets you goin')

What I want to learn about or learn to do better:
Macro (i.e. close-ups), Flash, Black and White, Digital photo editing (e.g. Photoshop)

My favorite subject matter to shoot is:
Landscapes, Candid (people), Sports

My experience as a photographer:
I enjoy it as a hobby and want to get better.

What I hope to learn/do this semester:
I want to get better at candids, and expand my portfolio.

My favorite places to take pictures around here:

My suggested activities and ideas:
My frisbee games!


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