Monday, April 24, 2006

several down, one to go

Hey gang, despite less than ideal weather conditions at the start of last Saturday, we worked it out and had a great time exploring U Street. I have to say this was the most challenging week for me. If you recall, we had a list of words that determined the pictures we took. There were many times when I would want to take a picture, but after reviewing the list realized that it just didn't seem to fit. Honestly I got kinda frustrated with it at first. Stuart, in all his wisdom suggested it might be easier with a shorter list, so I picked five words and focused on those.

It wasn't until maybe an hour later that I stumbled across an alley when the inspiration hit. I found a handful of pictures that got my gears turning, and left me feeling satisfied about the shoot.

The point I was hoping to make by doing word pictures is ability of a single photograph to tell a story. As I looked through my own pictures, and the ones that have been posted already, it occurred to me that some of the pictures don't move me until I read the name. Which leads us to a new Exercise! Giving a picture a name (as opposed to a description) goes a long way to giving the photograph a history, a personality, a story all its own.

After our shoot on Saturday, I concluded that Word Pictures is an exercise I will be doing for years to come. It really forces you to be intentional about what you're shooting and why. Those are just my thoughts/experiences, but I would love to hear from anybody else! Post a comment, post a comment!!

-----In Other News-----

This coming Saturday is our last official photo shoot for the semester =( As usual, I don't know where we'll go, but we have one vote for the Capitol-ish area. We'll still meet from time to time in May, but we'll broaden our horizons and maybe just trying hanging out without any cameras around (is anyone else a little scared of that idea?? =) However, that doesn't mean we can't do any shoots in May; it just means I won't be organizing any of them. I'm totally up for whatever if anyone wants to take charge and put something together. Lemme know!

Also, I got an email from Nina today asking for some photos of the Childrens Ministry at both locations this Sunday. I'll be at Ballston. Is anybody gonna be at Union?? Here is what she's looking for:

The site coordinators at each place should be
able to help get the best pics...but here is what I am

The setup tables/entrance area
The place we hang the nametags
Each classroom once it is completely setup (maybe some
pics without kids and some once the kids are there for
Worship time
The curtains at Union (we use to divide classes)
The Production setup at Union
Anything else that seems cool..
That's all for now, folks!


At 1:58 PM, Blogger shuttergirl said...

hhhmmmm, word pictures...challenging, engaging, introspective, frustrating, interesting, revealing... all in the same breath...I concur that this is something I will make time to do more often - of nothing else to make me actively writing with photographs...I like Stuart's variation of narrowing down the list and to take it a step further, I think it would be an interesting experiment to pick one word/theme/subject and spend a whole shoot/day designated just to it...I think it is not only a great way to get to know your subject but also get to know yourself as a shooter - I would imagine when your subject is constant you can see patterns in the way you shoot and notice some inconsistencies as well they can all be very educational ;-) and in other news, I talk too much...but then again, you all knew that already ;-)


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