Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Yet again, I totally enjoyed taking pictures with you guys at the Cathedral last night. (Will it ever be understood even when not explicitly stated that you guys rock!? Oh well, I'll keep reminding you anyway =) For those of you who came, I hope you found it helpful to experiment with a style of photography different from what we normally do. It can be frustrating to try something new, but hopefully you feel like you at least learned something.

I enjoyed observing the dynamics between my sister's group and us photo peeps. One guy from Heather's group, Peter, was just standing there, soaking up the grandeur of the building while Rodney was asking me what a certain number on his camera means. Meanwhile, I heard Stuart behind me whisper to Angela, "Pssst, do you know how to use a tripod?" It was priceless!

On a different note, we are still going to meet this Saturday. The when and where is yet to be determined, but we've got the "what" figured out. We are going to do Word Pictures. Here's what that means: given a list of words such as, "joy, apprehention, wonder, terror, etc..." we will set out to take pictures that encapsulate that word. It will be interesting to see how everybody interprets them. In case you didn't catch the hint from the above hyperlink, go to the message board to add your ideas to the mix.

Now for the miscellaneous topics:

Several of you have asked if we are going to keep meeting in the summer. The answer: yes, we will, but we're gonna change things up slightly. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what that means yet, but one idea is to incorporate more Photoshop into our rhythm. Please let me know if you have any ideas for the summer. I'm definitely open to suggestions. If this semester wasn't quite what you were hoping it would be, let me know and we can try integrating your ideas this summer.

We are going to take the month of May off as far as organized photo shoots are concerned. That means we only have two shoots left until the summer. Obviously we're doing word pictures this Saturday, but does anybody have cool ideas for the 29th? Anything in particular that you want to do / haven't done yet??

Even though we won't be running around like tourists with our cameras in May, there are a handful of things to keep us busy. All of which I am stoked about!

First, if you're willing and able, the Buzz Conference has requested some photographers to capture the event. I'll be there all day Thursday and possibly Friday. For what it's worth, they're also looking for volunteers to help with all sorts of stuff. Contact Juliet if you're interested.

Secondly, a big group of people (guys and girls) are going camping in the Shenandoahs on May 5th - 7th. Some of you have expressed interest in taking pictures there, so this would be a great opportunity to do that and meet some other rockin' cool NCCers along the way. You can expect an evite in your inbox shortly.

Angela has graciously offered to host a potluck/movie at her place, pending scheduling with her roommates.

Hopefully I'll make some time in May to finish my photography book. I put it on hold shortly after we started meeting because I was learning so much from you all. Props to ya!

We don't yet have a date(s) nailed down, but we will be setting up a photo exhibit at Ebenezers of our favorite pictures from the semester. This excites me like cake to a fat kid!!

I would love to get together for the sole purpose of critiquing and getting feedback about our pictures. Maybe we'll do this to help us decide which pictures to display at Ebenezers.

Stuart, Rodney, and I all suffered from camera envy, so we all upgraded(??) to digital SLRs within a week of each other. Maybe we should rename this group, "The Discontent Photographers Club." =)

Keep on rockin' my face off and then you won't have to see the "camel face" any longer!


At 11:40 PM, Blogger .joe said...

i know i haven't been a part of your photo shoots and what not. i had my reasons but may i suggest something?

you should really consider spending the summer shooting and do minimal photoshopping and BIG photoshop training for the winter. you know when it's cold. you can drink hot chocolate and sip on you mocha lattes and learn the program.

just a thought. and... that way... you'll have a HUGE library of photos to edit in photoshop. you'll also find that you won't need photoshop much but to fix some exposure settings. photoshop will be saved to do extreme alterations and effects of your already perfect exposures.

just my two cents.


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