Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Run and hide!!! Turn back now!!

To whom it may concern,

I will be at a wedding this Saturday and as such will not be able to lead the group. However, the (adjective) Laura has stepped up to the challenge. As far as I know, the place to be is Dupont Circle. ....hangin' in the gayborhood. (I couldn't resist =)

Now, I'm certain you all will miss my irresistable charm and wit. No doubt, it will feel as though the life has been sucked right out of the group, but try to give Laura a fair chance. Sure she's not a funny as I am, and of course she can't hold a candle to my photography, but that's no reason to back down!

And so I commission you all to venture out this glorious weekend and embrace the essence of photography!

sarcastically yours,
Oh! Wondrous Stephen

P.S. Take it easy on Laura the first time around. Impossible as it sounds, she might warm up to you eventually.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger shuttergirl said...

Laura will be great! afterall, who led us around DC that day in the rain and snow and kept us all from swearing under our breath??? ;-) I have learned much from Laura personally so I am sure Saturday will be no different for you all. Shoot on! :-P


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