Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Feedback Follow-up

You guys are awesome.

Thanks for showing up despite the lack of "the Stephen" on Saturday, and for bringing photos to share. It takes a lot to submit photos for review by your peers. I hope you all found the feedback helpful.

For those who couldn't make it, or those who want to re-live it, here's the re-cap:

We gather around a table in the Books-A-Million cafe, look through photos. Stewart shows his photo and asks good questions. Stewart wins the award for most-improved, in the sense that he's really learning these photography techniques and has the photos to prove it. Rodney's slideshow begins. Rodney asks why the sky isn't blue in some of his photos...we try to answer. Rodney's photos overall are gorgeous, so we conclude that he should quit his day job. Marie Claire shows up and shares her creative cropping skillz with us, grabbing pieces of paper and showing us on-screen how she would re-crop some photos for added interest. Marie Claire adds much interest. Jenn is there, she has creative PhotoShop-ing suggestions. We jokingly conclude that every photo would benefit from a random PhotoShop-ed object in the corner. Rodney passes around a delicious oatmeal raisin cookie, which similarly to the "loaves and fishes" manages to feed us all. Stephanie takes a photo of the group, and I suggest that Stephen should be photoshop-ed into the pic. Tuang shows up, and we're ready to head to the next location. While waiting for those who are getting food, Laura and Jenn soak up some sun rays in chairs on the sidewalk. We gather together again, and head up to the design studio. We eat lunch in the conference room, and look through Tuang's photos and try to answer questions about flash and photos that are too dark. We break up from eating and Rodney scans some of his photos while Marie Claire does some funky re-coloring of her photos in PhotoShop. At this point, we unfortunately run out of time.

Saturday was fun for me because I loved seeing everyone's enthusiasm about each others photos. It was nice to just have a laid-back Saturday too. After this, I think we'll all be ready for whatever Stephen has in store for us next...



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