Saturday, April 01, 2006

big yellow toenails with a soft chewy center!

Man, I say this every week (and I mean it!), but I really had a great time with you all today! Maybe I'm the odd one out, but I really enjoy hanging out with you guys. I'm so blessed and honored that I get to spend a few hours on Saturdays to learn, laugh, and enjoy life with you. Props to you all!

I normally don't call people out --okay, well maybe I do, but whatever =) -- but I gotta give some major kudos to the rock stars among us who woke up at a ridiculous hour this Saturday to partake in the goodness of our sunrise shoot. Kacey, Rodney, Lisa, and Laura; ya'll seriously rock the party! Your commitment and willingness are admirable indeed! =)

This week is gonna look a little bit different for us. Tuesday night at 7:30 we are going to take a look at Photoshop and how you can use it to enhance, correct, stylize, and optimize, your photography. Here's a little somethin' to whet your appetite. Rodney has been kind enough to open his place for us --check your inbox for directions. Anybody wanna bring some snacks?? =) hmmm.... didn't Becky say she was helping with cooking classes? I think I heard a rumor that Stuart bakes a mean banana bread... =D No pressure.

Shifting gears here, today marked Laura's last Saturday with the group =( She is gonna hit the road this summer in her spiffy VW pop-top van. She's got a little someth'n some'n up her sleeve for this Friday night. Stayed tuned for details from the Leagin herself. Since we've got something happenin' on Tuesday and Friday of this week, we're gonna take next Saturday (8th) off. Alas! You can sleep in!

Dude.... I just had a thought and I lost it. ...that stinks.

Anyway, some of you have asked about next semester, so here's a rundown of what I'm thinking. For the month of May we'll take a break from photography, and we'll kick things off again in June and go through the summer semester. Now that we've got one semester under our belts, we'll try some new things and see what sticks. As always I'm open to suggestions, so if you've got an idea, toss it out there.

Ah ha! I just remembered my thought! April 19th (it's a Wednesday) we are gonna team up with my sister's small group, Creative Expressions. We're gonna go to the National Cathedral and do some night photography. This will be a great experience for anyone who hasn't done night shots before (it's kinda addicting, I have to warn you =)

I just created a new album titled Misc Picts. I've noticed that several of you have taken some sweet-awesome pictures during the week that have never made it to our yahoo page. This new album is a place for you to share anything that doesn't fit neatly into the other categories. I, for one, am not too concerned about everything being categorized perfectly; I just want you all to have an outlet to show your pictures even if they weren't from an organized event.

Lastly, we still need a time and place for a movie night or potluck (provided you are willing to hang out when I'm not talking about nerdy things like shutter speed =) If anybody is interested in spearheading that notion then feel free to take the reigns and go for it.

May thoughts of geckos be in your dreams tonight...


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Angela said...

woooooo...i'm excited for all that's planned! :)

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Angela said...

and ewwwww! on the title of the blog. =p

At 12:41 PM, Blogger shuttergirl said...

my place is definitely not huge but ya'll are welcome to come over for a movie night-ish type adventure...perhaps more towards the mid-end of April when I return from my travels...???


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