Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Marie Claire Andrea

Name: Marie Claire Andrea
Birthday: October 26, 1983
Random Fact: I like taking pictures of dead animals (ask to see bird and rat I found on the street!)

Portfolio: Photo Albums, Flickr, Ethiopia Trip,
What inspires me: Brian Petro, Luis Gomez,

What I want to learn about or learn to do better:
Aperture / Depth of field (i.e. “blurriness”), Black and White, Filters

My favorite subject matter to shoot is:
Portraits, Candid (people), Beautiful strangers, Urban decay, Children, Abandoned buildings

My experience as a photographer:
For now, I enjoy it as a hobby, but I want to be a professional photographer when I grow up.

What I hope to learn/do this semester:
I want to expand my portfolio, get feedback, and network with other photographers

My favorite places to take pictures around here:
U-street, Theme Buildings (victoria, adolf cluss, modern), Construction Sights, Dupont Circle, Where ever there are beautiful people to doing fun things!

My suggested activities and ideas:
Take photos of NCC retreats. Take better pictures for NCC print materials. Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Hanes Point, Great Falls, and Rock Creek.


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