Friday, October 13, 2006

A Walk in the Park

Hey photographers,

This Saturday is supposed to be sunny. Our leader, however, is supposed to be absent again.
But that's OK. Here's what I suggest:

Meet in Woodley Park, at a coffee shop called "Cafe International" at 2pm (yes, two pm) and join me for a walk along some of the trails in Rock Creek Park. I am no park ranger, so don't expect me to identify any flora, OK? The trees are supposed to be turning colors, so that should be pretty. I think if we walk south, we run across some nice bridges and little winding paths near the creek.

If you are up for it, the NCC Bike DC group is going for a ride through the upper part of the park, starting at 10:45, and meeting under the Taft Bridge (below Connecticut Ave.). I'll be joining them in the morning. If you can make it to that (you know you want to), please let Paul Elbo or Kathryn Parent know, so we can be sure to wait for you.

So yeah, meet tomorrow, at 2pm, at Cafe International, 2633 Connecticut Ave in Woodley Park. I've, um, actually never frequented this joint...but it is a coffee shop as far as Google tells me. The online review is ridiculous...but, maybe we'll just stick to having bagels without cream cheese and no coffee. There is a Chipotle on the corner, if you want to grab a late lunch (or an early is Saturday after all.)

Maybe I'll see you at the park!



At 9:30 AM, Blogger StephenElliot said...

Great idea, Laura! Thanks for putting this together. It sounds like a lot of fun! Sorry to miss it.


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