Monday, August 28, 2006

bring your own camera and hippopotamus

Well, the NCC small group guide came out last weekend, so I should probably say hi to any new peeps who may be checking this out for the first time.


There, now I am done with you!

While you have that small group guide out, take note of the pictures on pages 1, 5, and 8. We took those pictures on our Eggstravaganza photo shoot. Props to the peeps who came that day! Anyway, take a look around. The links on the right should help give you an idea of who we are and what we do. You'll find FAQs and member profiles in addition to some of our pictures from the last couple semesters.

As for this coming semester, here's an idea of what to expect. Typically we meet and discuss photography for an hour at a coffee shop or something like that, then we grab lunch, then we go out and shoot. That structure has worked in the past, and we'll continue to use that as a guideline. It gives you all a chance to gain head-knowledge about photography, and then go and immediately put it into practice. So this semester will be similar in that regard, but we're gonna kick things up a notch or two.

Personally, there are some areas of photography that I want to learn more about, namely shooting people, lighting, and selling and marketing photographs. As I learn more about these (and other) aspects of photography we'll incorporate them into our discussions, and look for ways to put them into action. Of course, we'll be covering the basics too, so there is no need to worry about anything being over your head. Goodness, if I can understand this stuff, then certainly you all will pass with flying colors =)

It should be an exciting semester! I'll post more details as I have them (so probably like late Friday night =) For now, keep on rockin' and eat some pickles.


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