Thursday, June 29, 2006


Name: Katherine
Random Fact: I studied abroad in Australia.

Portfolio: Flickr 1 and Flickr 2
What inspires me: the art and beauty of our world.

What I want to learn about or learn to do better:
Composition, Color, Abstract, Aperture / Depth of field, Shutter speed, Night Photography, Macro, Flash, Exposure, Lighting, Black and White, Filters, Developing film

My favorite subject matter to shoot is:
Landscapes, Portraits, Candid (people), Still life, Product shots, Sports, Wildlife, Abstract

My experience as a photographer:
I enjoy photography and would like to improve my skills.

What I hope to learn/do this semester:
I would like to learn how to use my camera better and meet/network with other photographers.

My favorite places to take pictures around here:
Anywhere and everywhere!

My suggested activities and ideas:


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