Friday, July 21, 2006

You shot the invisible swordsman!

Sooo..... you know that scavenger hunt I mentioned? Well, um, that kinda fell through. =/ There were only a couple people from the other group who could make it, so it has been postponed indefinitely. I'd still love to do it at some point. I'm not really sure where/how/what, but I welcome suggestions if any of you are suddenly overcome with a stroke of brilliance.

We will still get together and shoot tomorrow, just not quite the same way I originally pictured the day happening. Since the weather is looking iffy tomorrow we're gonna hit up the Botanical Gardens at noon. The B.G. are right by the Capitol (House/South side). We'll meet out front, or just inside the door depending on the weather. Instead of spending the first hour listening to me talk about how awesome I am-- I mean, uh, what the aperture preview button does-- we'll go straight into shooting mode. After we've made our way through the botanical maze we'll head up the street to Starbucks (or wherever else strikes your fancy) and we'll review and discuss the pictures we shot. The big idea is to learn how to become a better photo critic.

Also, if any of you are free later in the day there is a cookout that you're all invited to. I sent the evite to our message board. If you plan on going, send the evite to yourself so you can reply accordingly; this will give the host a better idea of how many people to expect.

Next week we may do a sunrise shoot if I'm in town. If I'm not in town, would anybody else like to lead the group for the day??

Thanks again to everybody who came to the Photoshop session on Tuesday. It would be most awesome if you shared what you learned or thought was most helpful since some people weren't able to make it. A discussion on the message board is in order!

Hope you're all doing well! *poof! Stephen vanishes behind a cloud....


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