Monday, July 03, 2006

take a seat in a puddle of syrup

Well.... we probably won't be doing another shoot in Clarendon any time soon =) If I'm being honest, pretty much everything about the shoot felt disjointed, but I hope you all don't think I'm a crazy madman. ...maybe crazy, but not a madman =)

Thanks to everyone who signed our petition to ban Kacey from the group. I couldn't help but notice that many of you made comments like, "Who is this Kacey girl?" and "I don't know Kacey, but she sounds like trouble." Indeed it is for reasons like that in addition to leading us astray by suggesting a shoot in Clarendon that we have rallied together for the betterment of the group. As such, I have included an Addendum to the FAQ's (link on right).

This coming Friday (not Saturday) we will attempt our night shoot once again. We will meet at the DC War Memorial at 8:30. Don't forget to bring a tripod if you have one. There will be no shoot on Saturday because of Leadership 101.

Angela is taking the charge in coordinating a Nats game. Check the message bored (intentional play on words??) for detaillies.

To help give you guys a heads up for the next several weeks, we're going to try some things that are a little different from the norm:

Aside from the fact that I'm not a morning person, I'm itching to do another sunrise shoot (read: painfully early. read: 5 AM) or we could go with the other end and do a sunset shoot. The lighting at dusk can make such a profound difference on your pictures.

I want to get into Photoshop and Picasa with you all again, but I'm not yet sure when and where to meet. If you have a suggestion pass it my way. Also, if you all will make note of any specific things you would like to learn to do with Photoshop/Picasa, that will help me better plan what we cover. Some of my photos have a "Photoshop" tag to help give you an idea of some things you can do.

I'm still looking to give you all an opportunity to share anything and everything you know about photography. You by no means have to be a qualified photography instructor (I'm certainly not there myself) but the simple act of sharing your pictures and talking about what you were thinking can do so much to help give us another perspective. Taking that idea a step further, I would love to have you guys plan and/or lead a shoot sometime. So if you've got a crazy idea, or if you're willing to teach us what you know (and every one of you has something we can learn from) then let me know!

Hope you all have a great Fourth! May your hot dogs and burgers be mustardelicious!


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