Friday, November 03, 2006

of hibernating penguines and the indispensible Yellow Dellow

In keeping with the pattern I've unintentionally set for this semester, I'll be busy all day Saturday and won't be able to be your tour guide through the Alexandria Marina. I'm going to be so bold as to guess that means nothing will happen with the group this weekend. =/

Yeah... ya know, the group sounded like a great idea at the beginning of the semester, but honestly, it just hasn't panned out too well this time around. But hey, it's probably not a bad thing to take a break from all the hot air and sarcasm that constantly flows from Yours Truly.

So, the word on the street is that there won't be any photography activities happening this weekend, but of course if someone wants to lead the charge and do it anyway, more power to ya!

Take it easy, my peeps!


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