Wednesday, October 18, 2006

maize maze mayz meighz

Oh boy! Are you guys ready for some sweetness maize maze action?! Never mind the fact that the last several weeks for the photo group have been sporadic at best. Now is the time to embrace the present! (Those looking to analyze the redundancies of that statement need not comment.) Put on your lucky shoe laces and let's get lost!

Here's the dealyo: We'll meet in Crystal City this Saturday at 11AM. You can either metro here, or park your car in the garage for free on the weekends. The maize is a little ways out (near Dulles), so we'll pile in as few cars as we can and carpool over. Admission is $8. Bring a couple extra bucks for gas and the toll road.

Invite your friends! Let's get a big group together cause it's gonna be fun! Even though we are the "photography group," I'm not considering this to be one of our photo shoots. It's just a fun chance to enjoy some fall festivities with good people. The more the merrier.

Please let me know if you plan on coming; post a comment or shoot me an email. We will need an idea of how many drivers we'll need.

Lastly, there is a costume party on Capitol Hill later that night. Check the message board for details.

I can feel the ants in my pants already! Good times will abound a plenty! See you all Saturday!


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