Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My two cents...

My thoughts on the group, take them for what they're worth: While it was great to see everybody and meet the new ones, Saturday was a little weird for me as far as the taking pictures thing went, and not just because of the weather. I like the buddy system idea, but I don't want to lose what the whole purpose behind a community group is, which is to really get to know each other so that we're not just random strangers who kind of like each other upon first meeting but then never really know much more than that except that we all like taking pictures. So what if we still do all of the on-location things, meet for lunch before hand, have fun, eat food, catch up on the week and then break into smaller groups (pairs, threes, fours, whatever works for everyone) to go out around the area and shoot. And then all meet back up again to debrief before we're done. That's my idea. Any thoughts?


At 12:13 PM, Blogger StephenElliot said...

Awesome! I love the feedback! I can't speak for everyone, but Saturday was a bit awkward. You don't know until you try, and at least we tried. I'd be up for meeting/eating/hanging before we venture out. Any other thoughts or suggestions??

At 12:29 AM, Blogger LauraLaura said...

Did I hear a request for suggestions?
Katie bar the door!

1. There could be 2 or so scheduled meeting points along the way, where groups get shuffled and sent off in different directions again. Ideal meeting points involve a place to sit and sometimes food or beverages.

2. A treasure hunt idea: What if each buddy group was sent to a random metro stop that they had never been to before (picked out of a hat?) and had to come back within approx 1.5 hrs with fun photos representative of that spot. Then we'd do show and tell with digital pics we'd taken...and to add a bit of adventure and competition to the mix, maybe there's even a prize involved?

3. Show and tell. Each week 1 or 2 peeps could be asked to bring a book, photograph or other random thing that they have learned something from.

4. Learn a new trick. In pairs, we could spend time learning a new technique with our camera. For instance, maybe you've never known what "that one button" does. See if your partner can help you figure it out. (Bring camera manuals that day, or have access to the computer.)

5. The most significant thing I could see us doing as a group is something that helps NCC. Let's be ready to go when Ebenezer's opens, or when Pastor Mark see's a need for photographers at an event. (Great way to grow as a photojournalist or portrait photographer.)We'll be NCC's pool of paparazzi.

6. I just think we need a goofy group photo. Any ideas?

Whew, that was fun.

Tag, you're it.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger StephenElliot said...

That's nice, Laura, but do you have any GOOD ideas?? =D sooo just kidding! I'm diggin' the creative ideas! Any others??


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