Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We need something billowy

Major props to everybody who braved the elements and joined us on Saturday! Thanks for your patience as I rediscovered why I don't like the metro (granted, I was running late as it is, so I can't blame the metro entirely). I'd also like to give a shout out to those of you who contibuted to my five voice mails that morning. That was special =D

Quick recap: We met at Federal Triangle before marching down Constitution (Ave. St. Blvd. Wtvr.) It only took about 20 minutes to decide that water spots on the lens really aren't that cool, so we took it inside the Natural History Museum. We stumbled upon a sweet photography exhibit and then bummed around that museum and the National Gallery of Art, snapping photos along the way.

There's a rumor going around that next Saturday we'll hit up Old Town Alexandria. Check back here for details.

A few other miscellaneous notes:

Man, you all are awesome! There's a buzz around NCC about the group, and that's because of you!! Even Pastor Mark gave us a nod on his blog the other day. Heck, it's not just NCC. Rodney who joined us on Saturday heard about the group through the grapevine and decided to check it out. Virginia and Lisa both brought a friend too! Thank you all for making the group so fun and exciting already! Keep it up!

Let me know what days you won't be able to make it (you can just email me). I'm trying to map out the next several weeks to give us a tentative schedule, and I want to make sure everybody is available to do what they really want to do. Of course, this won't be entirely possible, but we'll do what we can to work around everybody's schedules.

I would ideally like to phase out the use of email for announcements and whatnot. Instead, I will rely more on the blog and message board. BTW, you can set your delivery preferences for the blog and message board so that you get an email whenever someone posts something. Is that cool, or do you hate the idea?? If you have any complaints please direct them to Laura. =)

On the right (and below, for the time being) you will find new Member Links. Each of you has a profile-like page where you can tell us a little about yourself and show off some of your work. To update your page you must be a contributor to this blog, and to do that you need to have a blogger account. Let me know if you didn't get the email invitation to join this blog, and I will pass it your way. Those of you who made it to our first gathering on the 4th will notice that the Member Links pages are basically the same as the survey you filled out. I will copy the information from the surveys onto the appropriate member links on Thursday if you haven't already done so by then. If you do not want certain info posted on your page please let me know by Wednesday. Otherwise I'll fill in the information as you already gave me on the survey. Also, you can edit and update the information as often as you like.

We've got our own Yahoo Photos page now. Like pretty much everything else we've done so far, we'll just figure out how to best use it as we go. Maybe each of us can create an album and put our favorite pictures from our Saturday trips on there. Here's the link: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/nccphotography/my_photos To upload any pictures you will need to sign in with the account name: nccphotography and the password: justshootme
I'm also looking at something else called SlideShowPro, but probably won't get anything going with that until April.


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