Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the best thing since inflatable girlfriends!

Welp, in the midst of our getting ready for the exhibit next weekend don’t forget that we still have one last photo shoot! It will be completely different from anything we’ve done before, yet it will probably be one of our most practical shoots, go figure.

We will meet at my apartment at 11AM this Saturday. Chances are, you already have directions to my place buried somewhere in your inbox, but email me if you’re not sure how to get here. We’ll spend a couple hours (or however long we’re feelin’ it) shooting, talking, critiquing, retouching, and whatevering. ‘twill be good times, yo dawgz!

If you have a laptop with Photoshop installed, it might help to bring it. Honestly, I’m not sure if we’ll put it to use, but it would be nice to have it as a backup.

Lastly, there is a Chipotle (among other restaurants) just down the street from me, so perhaps we can grab lunch afterward. That’s all I got for now. Come ready for a fun, practical, and moderately ridiculous photo shoot this Saturday! Heh heh, you know I wouldn’t have it any other way =) See you all then!


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